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Pointe Shoe Fitting

What’s in your Dance Bag? Carmen Felder of Carolina Ballet


9 pairs of Pointe Shoes, Canvas & Leather Ballet Flats*, Scissors, Paper Towels, Future Professional Dancer Pouch*, Extra Pointe Shoe Ribbon, Stitch Kit*, Jelly Tube*, Jelly Toes*, Toe Tape*, Theraband*, Nail File*, Muscle Salve*, Good Luck Charms

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What are 3 things that you always keep in your Dance Bag?
1. Masking Tape
2. Scissors
3. A few “good luck” charm things – they aren’t really for luck, but they are special to me so I keep them close.

 On the day of a Rehearsal, What can’t you leave home without?

On rehearsal days I cannot leave home without warm ups, water and food, and my rug.  The theatre isn’t always the warmest place and it is certainly not as warm as the studio on rehearsal days.  I bring leg warmers, pants, a jacket, and my “snack vest” with me.  I also bring a water bottle and food with me.  You have to stay hydrated and fueled while dancing.  I bring a tiny rug to make my spot feel a little more cozy.  The rug is also a great place to sit while putting on shoes and a great place to put my feet while I’m doing my makeup.

 Giant or Small?

What kind of Dance Bag to you prefer?

I have a medium sized tote for my shoes, a smaller bag for my accessories, and a third even smaller bag for therapy balls.  I used to have a giant bag, but things would get so lost inside, so I moved back to smaller bags.  I can find what I’m looking for a lot faster now and I get to have more than one cute bag!

 Any tips to keep your bag smelling “fresh”?

I have a shoe system that I use to allow my shoes to air out between uses.  In the system, a shoe used that day doesn’t go back into the bag.  Allowing your shoes to dry out in open air keeps stinky smells from moving in.  I also don’t wear toe pads which hold a lot of foot odor too.  I like masking tape and paper towels in my shoes because I like to feel the floor.  I’m sure you could stick a dryer sheet in your bag too.

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