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Pointe Paint provides a convenient, clean and easy way to matte your pink satin pointe shoes no matter what brand you wear. It’s easy-to-use and contains water-based pigments. One bottle will paint 1 pair of pointe shoes, depending on your size.

Size: 1 fl. oz./29.5 ml bottle

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1001 Buttermilk, 1004 Garam Masala, 1005 Rajani Black, 1006 Victoria Paige Red, 1007 Indigo, 1008 Orchid, 1009 Dahlia, 1011 Aqua, 1012 Coral, 1013 Macadamia, 1014 Chai, 1015 Honey, 1016 Agave, 1017 Sunshine, 1018 Matcha


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