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Footnotes for Pointe: A Tracking Journal for Ballerinas

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There is nothing more exciting than your first pair of pointe shoes. Footnotes for Pointe Shoes is the perfect resource for dancers (and their parents) who are new to pointe. In addition to providing a brief history of pointe shoes, it includes diagrams, checklists, and more. It also includes trackers to help you keep detailed records about your pointe shoes, as well as pages designed to help you keep track of your practice time en pointe. Can’t figure out where your ribbons go? We’ve got a diagram for that. Wondering what items to keep in your dance bag or how to take care of your feet? We’ve got you covered. It also includes bullet journal pages at the back of the book for jotting down choreography, combinations, and other important notes. Journal pages are printed in color. Sample pages of journal are shown in picture. This is the perfect gift for every young dancer. Made in United States of America


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