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FLX Flexistretcher




STRETCH, STRENGTHEN AND RECOVER. Flexistretcher® is the leading stretch, strength, and recovery training tool used by dancers, yogis, and athletes globally. Harnessing the power of elastic resistance combined with nylon straps for stability, the Flexistretcher® safely improves flexibility while simultaneously strengthening muscles as they stretch.

BEST FOR: All levels of flexibility – from weekend warriors, golfers, tennis players, runners, swimmers, bikers, dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, martial artists, to those who simply want to move more fluidly.

DESIGNED FOR: Anyone who wants to be more flexible, improve performance, and strengthen and lengthen their muscles. Suitable for all fitness levels Custom designed hardware prevents sliding Fully adjustable Nylon loops and custom strength elastic center provide ultimate resistance Rubber stoppers keep Nylon loops in place and prevent slider piece from falling off Soft Neoprene sleeve with embroidered FLX logo provides comfort Stretch and Exercise insert gets you started with your Flexistretcher® Mesh carrying bag perfectly fits the Flexistretcher® for future transport

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