Pointe Shoe Modifications

Now Offering In-House Pointe Shoe Modifications.

Need to take your Pointe Shoes to the next level? Love your shoe but need more support in the Shank than what the Manufacturer offers? Wish your Cotton Drawstring was an Elastic Drawstring? Love your Pointe Shoe Model and Style but need more reinforcement in the box?

Enhancing the fit and aesthetic of your pointe shoes.

  • Arch Reinforcement - Arch Supports, Shank Tacks, Steel Shanks
  • Drawstring Re-Threading - Drawstring Re-Threadin
  • Sock Liners
  • Pointe Shoe Paste Reinforcement - Glue, Wax or Shellac Treatment to the Box

Please allow 24-48 hours for Modifications to be Completed.

Limited Hours 3/16 - 3/21- OPEN TUES/THU 12pm - 6pm | SAT 10am - 5pm | CLOSED MON | WED | FRI