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Pointe Shoe Fitting


"Give a Girl the right pair of shoes and she can Conquer the World!"

Getting fitted for your first pair of Pointe Shoes is a memorable moment;
One that you will cherish for a lifetime…

Whether it is your 1st Pair or your 10th, we consider it a privilege to become part of your Pointe journey and are grateful you have trusted us to fit your shoes.
In 15 years of business doing over 11,000 fittings, working with dancers of varying degrees of strengths and abilities, beginners to professionals…
The Magic and Passion behind fitting the perfect shoe still remains…

We kindly invite you to schedule a Pointe Shoe Fitting experience…
Private Fitting Room | Crystal Chandelier | Wooden Ballet Barres
Hardwood Sprung Flooring | Wall to Wall Mirrors …
Never sacrificing time or space for the perfect fit.
Thank you for choosing us.

How To Prepare For Your Fitting

Professional Pointe Shoe Fittings are offered by appointment.
Walk-Ins will be accommodated, whenever possible.

First Time Fittings / New Refittings ( New to Dance Etc.) : Please allot up to 1 hour* 
Refittings (Current Clients of Dance Etc.): Please allot a minimum of 30 minutes*
* Fittings times are an estimate and may be shorter and/or longer than listed above. We appreciate your patience!

Please arrive to your Fitting:

  • Wearing Convertible Tights. (If you do not have convertible tights, they may be purchased at Dance Etc. upon your arrival.)
  • In comfortable clothing that allows full access to your ankles and knees.
    No long skirts or dresses, please. Leotard and Tights are ideal!
  • With  your Current Pointe Shoes (New Refits and Refits)
  • With  your Current Padding and Accessories (New Refits and Refits)
  • With Clean Feet, Toenails neatly trimmed straight across and any open blisters or trauma bandaged and covered.
  • If there are any notes or concerns from your Instructor, PT or any other Provider that are relevant to your physical health in relation to your fitting, please bring those along.

We look forward to having a great Fitting with You!
If you have any questions,  please Contact Us!

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