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Pointe Shoe Fitting

New or Used Dance Shoes?

We often get asked if we sell “Used” Dance Shoes or if we “Buy Back” “Used” Dance Shoes. While we do not have a “Buy Back” Program in place or sell “Used” Dance Shoes, we DO offer a wide selection of NEW Dancing Shoes to fit every budget, including SALE and CLOSEOUT Items at GREAT prices!

Aside from the obvious, there are very strong reasons why you should not wear someone else’s “USED” Dance Shoes…
When we dance, our feet perspire. As a matter of fact we sweat a GREAT deal in our Dance shoes. And this perspiration breaks down the shoe, harbors bacteria and causes moisture induced mold growth within the lining of the shoe, its insole and the foot bed. All of these factors can lead to Athletes Foot, Toenail Fungus and a host of other Bacterial and Fungal Infections. And certainly acquiring the Bacteria and Fungus from someone else’s USED Dance Shoes, makes saving a couple dollars hardly worth any value at all. If anything, it almost seems as if we would be potentially inviting a host of serious foot issues to the table. We value YOUR feet too much to ever do that!

Many styles of Dance shoes are designed to mold and form to the shape of the foot. Not all feet are the same way, although wearing someone’s already broken in shoe may feel great. It is not going to fit and conform to your foot in the manner that the shoe was designed to do.

Well, do not worry, WE are here to Help!
If you are Budget Conscious, we are happy to help you locate a NEW shoe within your price range. Many styles have an economy line. Interested in checking Clearance? We are always happy to do that too…. We have styles that are discontinued, are Closeouts or are part of a Sample Lot that we reduce at CLEARANCE Pricing. If you ask, we will always be happy to scour our Clearance for you! It helps us as much as it helps you! : ) So a little food for thought…. NEW or USED? With Dance Shoes? Definitely NEW!


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