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Pointe Shoe Fitting

Meet our Junior Ambassador!


 1. What age did you start dancing?
I started dancing a little before my second birthday. My first was a “Mommy & Me” class. 

 2. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
I love “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” I have it hanging on the wall in my bedroom to remind me to never give up. Even though it’s hard, always keep working toward your goals.

3. What item can you never seem to cross off your To-Do list?
This one came to me so quickly! Cleaning out my dance bag. *face palm*

4. What are people surprised to learn about you?
People always seem soooo surprised when I tell them that I am only 11.

5. Petite allegro OR Petite Adagio?
Although I like to jump, my strength is definitely in adagio, so that’s the one I would pick!

6. What is the ONE thing in your dance bag you use the most?
Loads and loads of hairspray!! Can’t stand the wispies!

7. Favorite variation of all time?
This is such a hard question. I love so many variations but probably one from Coppelia.

8. Dance Brand you are obsessed with at the moment?
I have to say, I’m a Suffolk girl through and through. I’ve never danced in any other pointe shoes!

9. Favorite Leotard?
Probably my black Suffolk leotard that has a mesh top and back, with lace across the front. I always feel confident dancing in it.

10.Last thing you watched on TV or favorite Netflix show?
Sing On! My favorite episode yet is the one called “Love Songs” because I knew all of the lyrics.

11.What is more challenging, performing a SOLO or dancing in the ENSEMBLE?
For me, ensemble because you have to be on just the right counts and doing the right move. Being off makes the whole group look bad.

12.Which reality TV show would you like to be cast in?
Probably Amazing Race so I could travel all over the globe. I would really enjoy completing all the challenges in the race, too.

13.How many bobby pins are in your bun?
I have really thin hair so it depends. Ten to fifteen usually, but between you and me, I’ve gotten away with doing a bun with only 3!!!

14.If you were not a dancer, what activity would you pursue?
This question makes me sad because I can’t imagine not dancing. 🙁 I do enjoy baking and drawing in my spare time though.

15.Favorite Items that Dance Etc. offers?
This is so easy! I love everything Dance Etc. offers but the leotards are my favorite by far!!

16. Tell us what you LOVE most about Dance Etc….
Definitely the people that work there, and the pointe shoe fittings are pretty magical as well! <3