Pointe Shoe Fittings

Dance Etc. has been fitting the Carolina’s in Pointe Shoes since 2006. We are the Triangle’s most established and experienced Pointe Shoe Fitters and Dancewear Suppliers. In our Years of Business, we have fit Dancers of varying degrees of strengths and abilities, from Beginners to Professionals. As Dancers ourselves, we have first-hand experience and an extensive working knowledge of:

  • How a Pointe shoe should Feel and Function
  • The precise Fitting of Pointe Shoes
  • Foot Ailments
  • Foot Structure
  • Ability and Structural Alignment

As well as Tools, Tips and Treatments that may be used to improve the fit and Comfort level of the Dancer.

We utilize the most innovative accessories in our Fittings to maximize the comfort without compromising the ability to feel the floor. With our expertise in modifications, we can customize virtually any shoe to achieve the perfect fit and enhance the Dancer’s foot.

We maintain strong working relationships with all of the Major Pointe Shoe Manufacturers and keep current on the ever changing technological advancements via Fitting Courses and Literature on a routine basis.

As Current, Former and Retired Dance Professionals ourselves, we understand how important it is to have the “right” shoe. We will never fit a pointe shoe with “room to grow”, as safety is a paramount concern. Our skilled Fitters are prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding basic injury prevention as well as ribbon and elastic placement and sewing instruction.

Our ultimate goal is to have you leave educated and secure in the fact that you have the best fit for your foot at your current level of technique.

At Dance Etc. We are passionate about this goal and never want to sacrifice time or space to do so. We kindly invite you to experience our Pointe Shoe Fitting Room and set up an appointment for your next Fitting. To Make an Appointment, click here. 


Dance Etc. offers Professional Pointe Shoe Fittings by Appointment, however, is more than happy to accommodate Walk-Ins whenever possible. Please allot 45 minutes to 1 hour for First-Time Fittings, and 15-30 minutes, approximately, for Re-Fits.

Please Arrive:

  • Wearing Convertible Tights
  • In Comfortable Clothing that you can move in. Dancewear is Ideal!
  • With  your Current Pointe Shoes, if applicable
  • With  your Current Padding and Accessories, if applicable
  • With Clean Feet and your Toenails neatly trimmed straight across
  • With any Instructions from your Teacher, if applicable

Pointe Shoes are still manufactured by hand. Discolorations in the satin, smears on the stamps, glue smudges, marks on the sole, wrinkles in the satin and saw dust are all normal findings due to the man made nature of these specialized shoes. None of these affect the function of the shoe and are considered normal aesthetic variances that vary in degree from shoe to shoe.
As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!