Pointe Shoe Fitting

Dance Etc. offers Professional Pointe Shoe Fittings by Appointment, however is more than happy to accommodate Walk-Ins whenever possible. We are available during Business hours and outside of Business hours for your convenience. Pointe Shoe Fittings take approximately 45 minutes – 1hr for First Time Fittings. Experienced Dancers who are re-fitting and/or being fit for a different shoe may take less time, on average. Please allot enough time.

Please call 919.981.0804 or fill out the form below.

Group Fittings/Special Events By Appointment

We are available outside of Normal Business Hours and during Business Hours for Group Fittings and Special Events.  We are happy to accommodate Studios with Large Groups, Group Pointe Shoe Fittings,  In-Store Sale Events and the like. Please call 919.981.0804 or fill out the form below to schedule and discuss! We are happy to help in any way that we can!

Online Form Request

Someone will contact you regarding the appointment you have requested!
Please allot 45 minutes to 1 hour for NEW FITS and 15-30 minutes for RE-FITS. 


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